Honda Pumps

Honda Portable Pumps have earned a reputation throughout the world for being dependable, easy to use and rugged enough to meet the demands of agricultural, construction and rental applications.


Honda offers 22 different portable pumps to meet a wide variety of applications including general de-watering, trash, multi-purpose and submersible models. All 16 gasoline powered pumps are equipped with Honda OHV commercial grade or OHC premium residential engines. All meet EPA and CARB emission levels and most carry a two year limited warranty* for non-commercial use.


Honda offers four general categories of pumps. While most Honda general purpose de-watering pumps are for moving relatively clean water. Construction pumps should be used when the water being pumped is contaminated with rocks, leaves, gravel and other water materials. Honda’s multi-purpose pump can be used to move a variety of chemicals including water.


Finally, Honda submersible pumps can be used for a variety of residential and commercial sump applications.