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Tried everything? Learn how to increase water pressure with a water pressure booster pump
Do you have low water pressure even though the pipes are new? There are several possible causes, but if nothing else works, install a water pressure booster at the water meter.
Usually, poor water pressure is caused by obstruction or clogged pipes. But if you’ve already replaced them or have a newer house with new pipes, try the obvious first. Make sure the shutoff valves near the water meter are fully open.  Then check the water pressure. If your house is on city water, ask your local water department for a pressure reading. A reading of 45 to 55 psi is ideal.
Or you can test the water pressure yourself with a pressure gauge (sold at home centers). Hook up the gauge to an outside water spigot, turn on the water, and you’ll get an instant reading. If the reading is low, the city may be delivering water at a low pressure (less than 40 psi). If the city isn’t likely to help but consider installing a water pressure booster system, starting at Pumps of Tennessee, or online visit us at We can help you with all your pump needs. If you install it yourself, apply for a plumbing permit so your work will be inspected. Some municipalities require a reduced pressure and backflow preventer to be installed when a water pressure booster is hooked up.
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Winterizing your pump and water lines are crucial steps in preserving your property before winter temperatures arrive.  When water freezes, it expands by close to 8%, while some materials, like metal found in water pumps, tend to contract making it smaller as winter temperatures drop. This combination can lead to water lines that burst and cause costly repairs to your pumps and lines.


  • Remove the motor or anchor the pump to the deepest level for submersible pumps, fountains etc.
  • Drain the pump body  in above ground pumps such as: jet pumps, pool pumps, and all irrigation systems.
  • Use food-grade propylene glycol – Never use ethylene glycol used in automotive radiators.
  • If the pump or line cannot be drained completely maintain a small stream of running water.
  • Use compressed air to blow out discharge and suction lines.
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Pool pumps 101 is very simple.

A pool pump 101 motor spins an impeller inside the housing which causes a suction that draws water from a pool and through the filter. It then sends it back into your pool. A basket inside the housing catches debris so it doesn’t clog the impeller as well as larger debris.

We Carry an assortment of manufacture pool pumps, all of which make claim that they are the best. But the fact remains that no matter how good a pump motor is, it is usually exposed to harsh weather conditions year round. As a result, a motor can burn out in a year or two if some precautions aren’t taken.

A new pump motor can cost a minimum of $300.00, and more, to have it replaced . There are companies who rebuild motors but they rarely come with a warranty whereas a new motor typically comes with a one to two year warranty. Ideally, a pump and filter system inside a garage or with a housing built over it will give you many years of life,But not all pool owners are that fortunate.

Pumps of Tennessee understands that When it rains, does water pour onto the motor from the roof overhang, or, does the motor sit in a puddle of water? If so, the chances of it shorting out are increased dramatically. An inexpensive pump motor cover does a fair job of keeping rain water off the motor.

Usually the bearings inside the motor are shot and at this point there isn’t much you can do. (unfortunately, oiling it is not an option). If your motor does burn out, before buying a new one, talk to the people at your pool store to help determine if this motor was the correct one for your pool. The motor horsepower may not be the correct one for your pool. It is essential that you know the water volume of your pool and the make and horsepower of your motor before shopping for a new motor.
Pump baskets can be unscrewed in a counter clockwise motion.

Some systems have two screws on either side of the top and have to be unscrewed until you can remove it. If you have a lid that unscrews, you should be able to loosen it by hand, but if the gasket is old, or the top has been over tightened, you may need to purchase a pump lid wrench at your pool store. If you do have to use this tool, approach this cautiously and assess where the pipes and valves are in relationship to the handle. If you push too hard while trying to unscrew the top, you could hit your hand on surrounding equipment, which really hurts!

Impeller – The impeller and housing are in between the pump basket and motor. Its primary purpose is to move the water from the pool, thorough the pump and filter, and then back into the pool. If it fills with debris it affects the flow of water into the pump and can put a strain on the motor.

if your pool does have a lot of debris and/or your pump basket is cracked, there is a good likelihood that your impeller may be clogged. Do you have a trees around your pool? Let’s face it, trees are filthy and can be your pool’s enemy. fine debris will fall off the Trees, into the pool, and clog the impeller. If you have a floor vacuum in your pool, a clogged impeller will affect its performance.

If you aren’t sure clean your filter and observe how the pressure gauge needle lines up with your standard PSI setting or mark. If it shows a pressure lower than normal, your impeller may be clogged.

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